Impact Statements/Testimonies

“I have been taught in my faith to not hide because of fear but that God will always be with me. By wearing a mask I go against everything my religion has taught me.”

Delani F., Student; St John School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“We can’t breathe in them. They are wet by the end of the day and the masks don’t work. It’s unfair to make us wear them when there is no proof they work.”

Hunter R., Student; St John School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“I felt as though I couldn’t talk to or be around my friends as much as I would like. As students we need interaction with each other.”

Jacob R., Student; Pius X High School

“People deserve to make their own medical decisions. Forcing people to take ANY vaccine especially one that is still in clinical trials (until 2023) is absolutely wrong. There are NO studies about the long term effects. It is well documented that mask don’t really do much. Children deserve to breathe. We have pulled our children out and are not sure we can ever trust the Catholic School system again. It was a disappointing year of the Church not taking a stand for our FREEDOM. If these rules are forced, we will pull ALL funding to any church or school. We can not sit back and fund these actions.”

Sarah S., St. Joseph School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“I have free will my face isn’t that scary”

Jackson E., Student; St John School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“I was shocked that my children were subjected to wearing masks all day, every day during the previous school year. There is no science that justifies this, and I am horrified that all over the country children are being forced to carry this load. the information we know since the initial outbreak of covid it is very alarming to me that children are forced to wear masks for up to seven hours a day. Jesus speaks about not living in fear, but what have our schools done to our children this last year. Children are at such a low risk to this virus, but the social, emotional, physical damage that has been done to children because of these masks is much worse. Parents are the primary educators for their children and should be allowed to make decisions that are best for their children/families. Just because the government says something is the right thing to do, does not mean that it is truly the right thing to do. Look at all the things that the government says is ok, but goes against the Church’s teachings. Our diocese should be following our Catholic teachings to guide us through challenging times, not the government who thinks they can dictate what people can do with their lives.”

Jennifer C., Blessed Sacrament School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“My son suffers from allergies and my daughter gets headaches from her mask. I am not worried about them contracting COVID-19. I am concerned about side effects, both physical and psychological.”

Jessica P., St. Wenceslaus School, Wahoo, Elementary School

“My daughter is hard of hearing and the masks make her learning very difficult. I do not feel she is at risk attending a school that doesn’t wear makes or makes the vaccine required.”

Amber O., St. Michael School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“The mask affected my child’s concentrations in class, it affected her ability to retain the knowledge learned until the mandate from the school was lifted.”

Jacinta S., St. Cecilia School, Hastings

“I do not believe the children should have to wear masks or be vaccinated because they are not spreading Covid and they will contribute to heads immunity. I personally had Covid however I tested negative. My kids were around me the whole time and in extremely close contact. Even drinking from my water bottle. This was the end of January/beginning of February. During this time there were no cases at school which proves the children are not spreading Covid. After contacting the nurse at my doctors office when not feeling g better, she said it was probably a false negative I received. I waited a couple weeks and then went to donate blood where they were testing for the antibodies. I in face was positive for antibodies proving I had Covid. Again this shows my children did not spread Covid anywhere in school or daycare because neither facilities had any cases. Our school St. Michael had a few cases in November and December and again in March but not in Late January or early February. Our children need to be mask free so they can breathe and feel more comfortable speaking up in class. Pleas don’t punish the kids for something they can’t control and are not contributing to. I as an adult and no longer required to wear my mask by my employer. Thank you!”

Amy H., St Michael School, Lincoln, Elementary

“Please don’t force our poor kids to wear masks any longer. I’ve spoken with numerous physicians that have said we’ve reached herd immunity even if not one more vaccine is administered. Also, there’s enough information out suggesting the masks aren’t effective so why force these poor kids to wear them after a summer of not wearing them and everyone stays healthy. Thank you”

Chris M., All Saints School, Holdrege, Elementary School

“Our grandchildren need to learn to not live in fear, good hygiene healthy eating and lots of rest and play. No mask!”

Michele V., St. Joseph School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“Please hear the pleas of parents and grandparents who believe our children are safe without masks. Also, respect for parents and families who chose NOT to vaccinate. God gave us a natural immune system and we should be thankful for that and believe in it. Thank you!”

Al and Mary S., Pius X High School, Lincoln, High School | St. Joseph School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“My children have suffered academically this past year from the abuse of power due to wearing masks. My children will not be getting the vaccine!!!

Angela W., Aquinas Catholic Schools – St. Mary’s, David City, Elementary School

“Children are not at serious risk from Covid 19. Parents should make the decisions for their children and mask wearing and vaccination should not ever be mandated. Actual science should be followed. Just because Pope Francis said the vaccines are okay, does not mean mandatory vaccination should be accepted. I pray, freedom of choice will be honored. Thank you.”

Erin C., St. Peter School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“There is no basis for saddling our children with masks or requiring an experimental shot in order to attend our Catholic schools. The science is now clear that Covid does not harm children nor are they efficient spreaders. Parents are the chief educators and protectors of their children and it is their right to make these decisions.”

Anthony S., Hastings Catholic Schools – St. Cecilia, Hastings, Middle & High School

“I believe masks or COVID vaccines should be an individual family consideration-not a requirement-since high quality masks like N95s and vaccines provide personal protection and the studies show that most children overcome COVID with mild or no symptoms and they are not super spreaders at any rate.”

Patricia P., St. Teresa School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“Vaccines are not proven safe for children. Masks are not healthy and according to the latest studies do not stop the virus.

I do not want my children to be vaccinated or wear masks.”

Amanda F., St. Michael, Hastings, Elementary School

“My twin kindergarteners last year did not like the restrictive face-coverings they had to wear. Because they had no choice, they adapted. But both were thrilled when the school year ended because it meant they did not have to wear an ineffective and unsanitary mask on their face.

I would NEVER allow my child to be vaccinated with an unproven potentially unsafe shot, still in clinical phase trials, that could harm them far more than the Covid-19 virus itself ever would. I am also concerned about the possibility of other children, and especially teachers and staff, having the covid vaccine and shedding it/spreading it to my children. The effects of being around covid vaccinated individuals, even if you or your child aren’t vaccinated, is unknown and potentially harmful.”

Jessica B., St. Wenceslaus School, Wahoo, Elementary School

“I feel that it is a parental choice as to whether my child should wear a mask and my choice if my child should be vaccinated. We pride ourselves in Catholic education that parents are the primary and first educators of their children. Let them be. Covid is real but so is the mental and emotional disease that is raging in our youth due to the mask and the pressure of a vaccine that was never made for youth and has no longevity studies for the affects on their bodies. I am also an educator in this Diocese. We lost a year of learning in 2020 and a year of connecting in 2021. As educators we need to follow Christ’s example and trust in our Catholic faith and knowledge that we are educating for more than this life.”

Christina W., Sacred Heart School, Falls City, High School

I am a physician and have seen the psychological damage this has done to our children. The risk of getting the virus is far outweighed by the risk to their mental health.”

Dr. Suzanne V., St. Peter School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“I worry that the repercussion of masking our children will be far more negative moving forward than any illness. I believe that those who chose can certainly wear masks to protect themselves and I will protect my childs mental health and immune system by not masking them. Likewise, I am perfectly fine with the idea of keeping my child home when ill, encouraging them to wash regularly and use hand sanitizer and am hopeful our schools will maintain a vigorous cleaning regimen as well.”

Janel A. , Pius X High School, Lincoln, High School | St. Teresa School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“Our children are suffering from interaction with their peers. There is no reason why as a parent I can’t make the decision for MY CHILD to wear a mask or not. Give us the choice.”

Baillie R., Pius X High School, Lincoln, High School & St. John School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“As a parent of a now 4th grader my daughter has told my husband that she is tired of masks and that she and her friends have headaches by the end of the day. I do NOT want that for my child! She loves her school and her teachers and staff as do my husband and I. Catholic schools are about being in a better place than the indoctrination camps that are now public schools. We should be protecting the human body. That includes the protection of our freedom of choosing to wear masks or be vaccinated. I’m certain our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would NOT have mandated masks. He hugged leper’s and placed his hands in the diseased.”

Nikki S., Cathedral of the Risen Christ School, Elementary

“Please! No more of this nonsense! It is discriminatory towards those who can not be vaccinated.”

Shelly T., Pius X High School, Lincoln, High School | St. Joseph School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“The requirement that young children be vaccinated is inappropriate.”

William B., Pius X High School, Lincoln, High School | St. John School, Lincoln, Elementary School

“I do not feel it is safe or needed to give someone a vaccine for something that will have no affect on them if they get the disease. This is a very unproven vaccine and there could be unforeseen consequences. Why take the risk?”

Kevin B., North American Martyrs School, Lincoln, Elementary School, Pius X High School, Lincoln, High School

“We feel this is child abuse!! We are absolutely appalled our kids had to wear a mask an extra week past lifting the mask mandate!! We demand that they NOT wear masks in the fall.”

Sarah M., Pius X High School, Lincoln, High School

“Children rarely acquire coronavirus, and if they do, their symptoms are mild or they are asymptomatic (Which is true for adults, as well…the Nebraska Test site states 85-90% of those testing positive have mild to NO symptoms of Covid 19). For that reason,masks should not be required. In addition, the injections called Covid vaccinations are still entirely experimental, and have only recently been available to children as young as 12 years old–not because they have been proven to be safe for minors, but rather because there is an overabundance of said vaccinations available. Even if the shots were proven safe, they are still morally questionable, and despite the Pope saying they are morally acceptable, we should each be able and allowed to make our own decisions based on our own morals. I, for one, will never knowingly allow an injection to be delivered to myself or my children that was directly or indirectly involved in the abortion of a child. The Pope is wrong to suggest the vaccinations are beneficial–he should be speaking instead for the child or children who were executed and used in the vaccination that he obtained and that he promotes.”

Sara F, Bishop Neumann Jr./Sr. High School, Wahoo, High School | St. Wenceslaus School, Wahoo, Elementary School

“Common influenza is way more deadly/dangerous than COVID-19 for school age children. Science and simple common sense. Please don’t politicize our schools and our children.”

Ivan I., Cathedral of the Risen Christ School, Lincoln, Elementary School | Pius X High School, Lincoln, High School

The evidence shows that children don’t spread COVID and if they get the virus the symptoms are mild to no symptoms. The psychology damage of making children cover their face is way more harmful than COVID is.

Jared S., Aquinas Catholic Schools – Middle School, David City, Middle School | Aquinas Catholic Schools – St. Mary’s, David City, Elementary School

My children have suffered academically this past year from the abuse of power due to wearing masks. My children will not be getting the vaccine!!!

Angela W., Aquinas Catholic Schools – St. Mary’s, David City, Elementary School

“As parents, we have the right to choose what is best for our children. We are simply requesting that you take into consideration that it isn’t March 2020 anymore and the fact that we know so much more about COVID-19. Unfortunately the damage to our children’s social, mental, and physical health with the requirement to wear masks during this past school year has already been done and we will not completely know the effects it has had on our children for years to come but you now have the opportunity to be a leader in your position and take a stand for our children. We may not all be scientists or in public health but I think we can all agree that educators should be advocates for our children. In regards to the vaccine, I’m sure you are aware that the public schools and some universities have already taken the steps to require vaccinations. A vaccine mandate will change privileges for our children. Any person of history can see the distinct similarities between segregation due to race and segregation due to vaccine status. How do COVID-19 masks, social distancing and proof of vaccination papers make a successful learning environment for our children? As parents and educators we need to create an environment where our children can thrive. This slippery slope of proof of vaccination would only set our children up for repeating ways of the past. COVID-19 has been a fear driven narrative connected to an illness. Fear is psychological warfare. When the mind is controlled by fear, one’s body and movements can also be controlled. Imagine what has been going through our children’s minds from the beginning of this pandemic. As Catholics, our priority is to teach our children to trust in God. We are not taught to live in fear. This fear and intimidation needs to stop and we need to restore our faith in God, each other, and most importantly our children.”

Denise M., St. Michael School, Lincoln, Elementary School